Homeworlds Arrive in Trove Alpha

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Welcome to Gilindors Trove World

Hi everybody nice to greet you and introduce myself as a Contributing Author on Inhouse Gaming with Kiwi bringing you  Trove and also joining the Archeage Dream Team to share Lore which we are all looking forward to releasing soon. It is such an exciting time for Trion and Trove  with the release of Glyph Beta, GDC, ending yesterday with Archeage featured  in its first Friday Livestream and everything is looking great.

Since Friday March 14th’s Patchnotes I have been building in my Homeworld and it has been a blast since

This is what you will see as soon as you are logged in to Trove. A list of all the players Homeworlds and the Hub that is the community shared world

This is what you will see as soon as you are logged in to Trove. A list of all the players Homeworlds and the Hub that is the community shared world

Gilnidor building on the outer city wall
Gilnidor building on the outer city wall



Trove, Gilnidor's Homeworld

A view of the castle and the cathedral

The outer wall with one of the gates

The outer wall with one of the gates

Welcome to Gilnidor’s Homeworld

All players now have their own Homeworld to build in and it is a huge place to create huge builds in. As you can see in the screenshot below there is several zones in your homeworld. So there is many different biomes to build in.

Trove Gilnidor's Homeworld

Here is a view of Gilnidor’s Homeworld. It is so big that it does not fit into the map window.

I am so impressed by some of the builds I have seen the last week, some players are going all out in their creations in the Homeworlds and I was fortunate to be featured in the Trion Worlds Friday Extravaganza Livestream it starts at minute 48. I am with some exceptional builders including Fargin who inspired the wall on my Homeworld

When we did get the Homeworlds I had already planned for what I wanted to start building. I have granted permissions to a few Trove friends to help me out in my Homeworld. We have really changed the look of the starting area in my Homeworld. A castle with a moat, around the castle a small town with houses and a cathedral. And surrounding it all a outer wall with towers and gates.

Resourceful Building

All the resources that I have mined for this project is massive. The outer wall consist of roughly 30k of blocks and the castle about 20k of blocks, there have been some serious time spent on landscaping and I have had help from several players that I have granted permission to build in my homeworld. They really did speed up the building process a whole lot, All the buildings I have constructed myself.

This update was for me a great one. I really love the fact that I now have a homeworld that I can build in and also build with other players. It is a new chapter in the development of Trove and it did add so many new cool features to the game it is jaw dropping. Though as in all Alpha’s there is problems with bugs, and as it is now there is random disconnects and at time the server gets locked up and you can’t login. But the Trion Developers are on top of things and are working hard to get a fix out for that as soon as possible.

Thanks for stopping by Inhouse Gaming, go ahead and feel welcome to share screenshots here, would love to see your Homeworlds or Community Creations and please leave any comments if there is anything you would like to add or discuss.



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